100% Natural Family is a site dedicated to helping you be more informed about conservative natural family lifestyle choices. We help you take charge of your own health and to break free of your dependency on others for your family’s health care needs. What I mean by this is that Instead of going to the doctor and having them diagnose us and hand us a prescription, and then doing as popular health culture would say to do — to go home and follow the doctor’s orders — instead of this, we believe that it is our own responsibility to know something about what is wrong with ourselves first, and do anything in our own power to resolve the problem first. If there is something that we can be reasonably sure will help, and there are no dangers of trying it, then it makes sense to try that first rather than giving our hard earned cash to someone who may or may not actually be able to help us. Since many medical solutions cause harmful side effects, and herbal treatments most of the time do not, this seems like a no brainer. As a society, we are very conditioned to go to the doctor as soon as we have even so much as a sneeze. We are strongly encouraged to take our babies in for all of there well child exams – no wonder we have no faith in parenting and the power of motherhood in our day . . . in popular health, doctor trumps mom every time. We believe parents trump all when it comes to family health care. Doctors should be asking us, “well what do you suggest?” instead of chastising us for feeding our babies honey, or giving our kids raw milk, or refusing to immunize or give our kids fluoride. I believe doctors have their place in society. They are often great at resetting bones and saving lives after serious trauma, such as a car accident. But every day I see news stories – children dying from overdoses of infant or children’s Tylenol, debates about whether or not children under 5 should even have any type of over the counter medications, suspicions of links between immunizations and conditions like MS or autism, research on the relationship of healthy diet and tooth decay, the relationship of sugar consumption to conditions like ADHD and Diabetes, stories of super bugs or almost impossible to kill strains of bacteria caused from the over prescription of antibiotics . . . yet, instead of changing our diet or our habits, we allow cereal companies and the FDA to simply change the acceptable terminology for us so we don’t have to feel guilty! Now sugary cereals are ok because they are “whole grain” and exceptions are made for some types of transfats so that product labels on foods containing them can be labeled as not containing any transfats. A movement towards pasteurization and irradiation of all of our foods is in full swing, with the recent requirement that raw almonds be ‘pasteurized.’ In the United States our own FDA tells us, “oh, just make sure that at least half of your grains are whole,” ignoring the known dangers of refined flours and processed grains. Our animals raised for food are fed garbage and fermented grains. How can animals fed poisons be considered safe for human consumption? It’s time for someone to stand up and say “this is wrong!” and to reach out and take the hands of those who are trying to be healthy on their own and point out to those people the right way to do it. The health industry whose job it has been to do this has shown itself as untrustworthy. In the USA the FDA who is supposedly there to protect the health of Americans has shown itself to be corrupt. Who can we turn to? It takes years to research these types of things on your own, because there are so many voices out there – how do you weed out all of the snake oil salesmen? Our solution is to find promising, well documented, and safe to try at home research, that has already been done, and to take responsibility for ourselves and try things that are reasonable first before going to see a doctor. Don’t take our word for it. This is posted here for informational purposes only. If you are reading this, commit to yourself that you will take responsibility for yourself from now on. You are welcome to use this site as a research tool to educate yourself in your own health. We will offer anecdotes of what we have tried and what has worked for us mixed well with our own opinions, maybe even a few crazed rantings (LOL). Please think as this site as a friendly hand up, not as a diagnosis or a prescription for a cure.


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