Our Drawing Salve is a powerful and versatile formulaation designed to address a range of skin concerns including slivers, blackheads, and stubborn pimples. Enriched with a unique blend of Plantain Leaf, Chickweed, Grindelia, Mullein and other herbals, and containing bentonite clay, and activated charcoal in a soothing base of beeswax and coconut oil, this salve draws out impurities and promotes clear, healthy skin.


  • Precision Drawing: Our Drawing Salve is specifically formulated to gently draw out slivers, impurities, and debris lodged beneath the skin’s surface, promoting relief and healing.
  • Blemish Control: Address stubborn pimples and painful blackheads with the combined power of Chickweed, Grindelia, Mullein, Bentonite Clay, and Activated Charcoal, helping to draw them out and achieve a clearer complexion.
  • Natural Healing: Harnessing the goodness of nature, this salve supports the skin’s natural healing process, potentially minimizing scarring and promoting overall skin health.
  • Comforting Base: The soothing blend of Beeswax and Coconut Oil provides a nourishing and protective base, enhancing the effectiveness of the active ingredients while offering gentle care.
  • Versatile Solution: Our Drawing Salve is a versatile addition to your skincare arsenal, effectively assisting with a variety of skin concerns, from minor injuries to blemishes.

Experience the transformative effects of our Drawing Salve as it works harmoniously with the power of Plantain Leaf, Chickweed, Grindelia, Mullein, Bentonite Clay, and Activated Charcoal. Embrace the confidence of clearer, healthier skin, all within a soothing and natural framework of Beeswax and Coconut Oil. Your journey to radiant skin starts here.

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Mama Nature’s Rx Drawing salve for slivers, blackheads, and stubborn pimples. Our salve contains all natural fast acting ingredients to draw out painful blackheads!

Some Key Ingredients:

  1. Plantain Leaf: Renowned for its potential to help draw out foreign objects, Plantain Leaf assists in the gentle removal of slivers while also promoting skin healing.
  2. Chickweed: Chickweed’s natural cooling properties may help soothe irritated skin, making it an excellent addition for addressing stubborn pimples and blemishes.
  3. Grindelia: Grindelia is known for its potential to reduce inflammation and promote wound healing, potentially assisting with a variety of skin discomforts.
  4. Mullein: Mullein’s properties could help soften and dissolve blackheads, supporting their removal and contributing to a clearer complexion.
  5. Bentonite Clay: Bentonite Clay is highly absorbent, drawing out toxins, impurities, and excess oil from the skin’s surface.
  6. Activated Charcoal: Activated Charcoal’s deep-cleansing abilities may help unclog pores and purify the skin, making it an effective ingredient for addressing stubborn skin issues.

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Contains: beeswax, carrier oil (coconut oil and/or olive oil), arnica flowers, calendula flowers, st. john’s wort, comfrey leaf, cayenne, slippery elm bark, echinacea, goldenseal, clove oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, oregano oil, sage oil, tea tree oil, and DMSO


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