Welcome to 100% Natural Family! This is a website dedicated to researching natural family living and helping others to live a more natural family life. We are not granola goddesses or herbal gurus, and we are not medical professionals (thank goodness!) but we are just plain everyday moms who want the best for our little ones when it comes to nutrition and health care, and we have found that traditional health and nutrition is just not up to our standards. This is not because we are perfect–believe me–in our opinion (which you will find we have a lot of around here) the health care industry just does not have our best interests at heart, and so this website is just a culmination of our quest to find something that works for us, and not some pill factory who is more interested in making money than in the actual health and well being of our families!

Now, since the good ol’ USA happens to have strict laws in place about such things, we cannot even sell you an orange if we mention the well known fact (in our opinion) that it will cure your scurvy unless we are medical professionals, and have a license to sell pharmaceuticals. (In our opinion 😉 this is complete and total insanity, however we are not in the habit of poking evil wolves in the eye with our bare hands, so before you continue, you need to know that anything we post on this website is not intended as medical advice or as a substitute for your family doctor. We are strong believers in taking personal responsibility for ourselves and our families, and this website is intended for others who are also willing to take personal responsibility for themselves.) Since we are not doctors, nothing that we post on this website is intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease and anything we say is simply our opinion based on our personal experience and beliefs. Now, If you are the kind of person who is looking for a lawsuit, who is easily offended by others’ opinions or religious beliefs, or who is looking for anything other than some ideas to naturally promote the health and well being of your own family with a total commitment to taking personal responsibility for whatever consequences follow, please do us all a favor and go read someone else’s blog!

Ok, with that out of the way, (we are really not mean people) don’t worry if you are not ultra crunchy, or if you struggle with uncooperative family members when it comes to a more natural family life. As I mentioned before, we ourselves are not perfect in this. Even if you are just a beginner and are just waking up to the issues when it comes to living more naturally, you are welcome to join our discussions! We are trying to create an environment where one person is not held in higher esteem than another even if they birthed a 12 pound baby totally unassisted without even the help of the father, or even if they have not eaten anything but completely raw or vegan food their entire lives. We believe that there are varying degrees of healthiness and just as many opinions as to what is healthy and what is not. Our basic premise relies on actual results based on what has been studied by organizations such as the Weston Price Foundation and medical revolutionaries such as Dr. John R. Christopher and Dr. Richard Schultz, as well as on what we have personally found to be the most beneficial to ourselves and our own families. (We also know that this often times has more to do with what we can actually get our families to eat, since kids can be obstinate about swilling green drinks and downing cod liver oil.) So, browse, read our blog, and be entertained — and hopefully absorb a lot of really good information in the process! And remember, we are just simple sahms trying to help others along the path to a more natural family life, so if our efforts make your life a little better, please feel free to use the donate button in the right hand sidebar of the page (even if it’s just a dollar or two) . . . it will help our husbands feel a little better about us using our time on this project, and it will enable us to continue to have the time and resources to make this site available!


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